Shown below are sections of a sample Immune Report Card, to be used for illustrative purposes only.

Patient Demographics

Includes indication and specimen source along with patient and institution details.

Priority Immune Markers

At-a-glance information for the most clinically relevant immune markers for therapeutic management.

Priority Immune Markers are provided on a disease specific basis, such as melanoma or NSCLC, as the associated reference is typically restricted to a single tumor type.

The Therapeutic Association and associated supporting peer-reviewed publication is provided in the context of the specific result for this case.

Summary Interpretation

Pathologist and Oncologist subjective interpretation of the overall immune status with an overview of therapeutic opportunities including FDA-approved checkpoint inhibitors for the tumor type tested and pertinent clinical trials.

Immune Phenotypes Summary

An overview of the expression of different components of the tumor immune microenvironment across seven (7) different immune phenotypes.  For some genes within a given immune phenotype there are associated immunotherapeutic agents available as either FDA-approved therapies or clinical trials.

Immune Phenotype Details

Detailed information at the gene level for the various genes in each immune phenotype including expression of each gene and relative rank (0-100) compared to reference population, and interpretation (Very High, High, Moderate, Low/Very Low).  Associated immunotherapies are listed without regard to tumor type tested.

Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes

Detailed information at the gene level for different genes associated with differentiation of various immune-related cells.

Clinical Trials

Provides a list of clinical trials with one or more immunotherapies associated with one or more genes highly expressed in that immune phenotype for the tumor type tested.