OmniSeq believes patients need access to the best testing available to determine the most appropriate treatment options for their specific cancer profile regardless of insurance coverage or financial situation. We encourage insurance carriers to provide coverage of this important testing while minimizing the patient’s out of pocket responsibility.


  • OmniSeq is a Medicare and Medicaid provider
  • Patient responsibility is limited to plan deductible, coinsurance and/or copay

Commercial Insurance

  • OmniSeq will work with all health plans to encourage coverage of testing and minimize patient responsibility.
  • OmniSeq pursues contracts with health plans for in-network coverage
  • When out of network, OmniSeq requests single case agreements
  • OmniSeq manages all authorizations and appeals

OmniSeq Cares

  • OmniSeq CARES team is available to answer questions regarding Explanation of Benefits (EOBs), claims status, patient responsibility, and financial assistance.

Patients may receive communication from their insurance carrier throughout the claim process. This may include letters regarding authorizations or Explanation of Benefits (EOB’s) showing payments or denials. EOB’s is for informational purposes only and should not be considered a bill. Patients will receive a statement from OmniSeq once all efforts with their insurance company have been exhausted and the patient has been given an opportunity to enroll in the financial support program. OmniSeq does not bill for tests which are not completed due to insufficient tissue or DNA. OmniSeq reserves the right to modify the financial assistance program at its discretion.